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Here in, you will be directed to the correct protocols of how to get an abortion done. Just follow the guidelines stringently and you will get the smoothest abortion.

Before you start with an abortion you will have to make your mind and settle a few things

  • Ask any of your close friend or your soulmate to be with you for first 5 days of your journey as they can help you out during an emergency.
  • Make sure to set your alarm if you have multiple doses of the pill to be taken.
  • You should be only half an hour away from any health clinic to ensure quick service in case of emergency.
  • Using abortion pills for abortion cannot be detected in any case, it will be portrayed as a miscarriage and you can easily tell the doctor that you are not aware of anything that is happening to you.
  • You should change into the most comfortable and lose fit clothes so that you are comfortable throughout the process.
  • Choose the best place of the house where you need to settle comfortably for at least 3 days, and a place from where your movements will be restricted to the minimum.
  • After 4 to 5 days when the intensity of your bleeding decreases then you can involve in slight activities but not strenuous ones.
  • Keep a stock of maxi-pads, hot pack, and water to drink throughout the process so that you remain hydrated during the entire session.
  • Try to keep yourself occupied with hobbies like listening to music, watching television, painting or reading books that require the least movement. These hobbies also allow you to recover mentally.
  • Get an ultrasound sound done prior to the start of the abortion process; make sure that your pregnancy is not ectopic.

Now let’s focus on the different abortion pills and how to start with the doses

1. If you are taking misoprostol abortion pills

Pregnancy period should be 8 weeks or less.

  • You will essentially require taking 12 pills of misoprostol for getting an abortion.
  • Take four pills at a time.
  • Start with your first dose of 3 misoprostol pills, place it carefully under your tongue or in your cheek pouch and let it melt completely. After half an hour you can drink a glass of water.
  • Set your alarm exactly after 4 hours so that you can take the next dose,  now again take 3 doses of misoprostol in the same way by keeping it either in your cheek pouch or under your tongue.
  • If you have started facing cramps then you can take ibuprofen to control your pain but remember not to take any other painkiller as this will decrease the efficacy of the misoprostol pill.
  • Again snooze your alarm for next 4 hours gap. Just after the gap of 4 hours take the final dose of remaining 3 misoprostol pill in the same pattern.

2. If you are taking both mifepristone and misoprostol pills for abortion

For gestation period 5 weeks you will require 1 MTP KIT and in case it’s above You will require 2 MTP KIT.

  • Each MTP Kit contains one pill of mifepristone and four pills of misoprostol
  • Start with the first dose of mifepristone, which you need to take orally with the help of water.
  • You will have to wait for 24 hours before you start with the dose of misoprostol.
  • Do fix your alarm just after 24 hours so that you do not miss any dose of abortion pills
  • Take 2 pills of misoprostol exactly after 24 hours under your tongue or in your cheek pouch whichever you find comfortable. Hold your pills for 30 minutes so that the pill gets completely dissolved in your saliva and then you can ingest the pills with a glass of water.
  • Again you need to fix your alarm for a gap of 3 hours and take the remaining misoprostol pills in the same way as you have taken the previous dose.

3. If you are taking 2 MTP kits

  • In two MTP Kits, you will get 2 mifepristone and 8 misoprostol pills.
  • Take the first pill of mifepristone pill and then keep a gap of 4 hours again take the second misoprostol pill
  • Once your dose of mifepristone is complete then you can start with the misoprostol pill after 24 hours.
  • At a time you will ingest only 2 misoprostol pills then keep a gap of 3 hours then again take the 2 misoprostol pills again take a gap of 3 hours and take the two misoprostol pills finally after a gap of 3 hours take the remaining 2 misoprostol pills.

4. Things to remember when you are ingesting the pills

  • Remember not to take the pills in crushed form or in parts or in the powdered form you have to take the entire pill at a time.
  • Do not vomit at least one hour after taking the pills or your abortion will remain incomplete.
  • You can take an anti-emetic pill so that you can refrain from pouring out the pills.
  • Do not miss any dose so to keep yourself alert always set your alarm according to the time gap.
  • Always drink a lot of water or else you can suffer from dehydration.

After 2 weeks get your abortion confirmed with ultrasound or get a urine test done after 4 weeks

When to consult the doctor?

  • You do not need to consult the doctor in any case unless you wish to confirm your abortion with the help of ultrasound.
  • You need to go to the hospital if any of your side-effects aggravate.

What are the serious issues of abortion?

  • If you have already soaked 2 large size maxi- pads within an hour or if you are passing blood clots bigger than the size of a lemon for last 3-4 hours.
  • If you are suffering from excessive diarrhea so that you have to rush to the bathroom many times in an hour then you need to meet the doctor at the earliest without any delay.
  • If your fever doesn’t decrease for last 4 hours after taking the anti-inflammatory pill then you need to meet the doctor at the earliest.
  • Remember you cannot be diagnosed by any methods that you have taken abortion pills for abortion.