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Essential Abortion Details To Understand Before Experiencing It


A procedure conducted to remove the fetal tissues out of the woman’s uterus through natural procedure via medication consumption is essentially a medical abortion procedure. It is now a widely opted method of termination and authorized by the Food and Drug Administration which makes it easier for women to buy abortion pill online and perform it under the doctor’s supervision at the doctor’s [...]

Menstruation After Abortion – Here’s What to Expect!


Medical abortion and surgical abortion are performed to solve a common purpose of abortion. Although they come with similarities the experience in both cases in many factors tends to differ. Abortion does have some impact on the menstrual cycle of a woman and that covers different factors. It can either be the type of abortion conducted for unwanted pregnancy, the intensity and nature of [...]

10 Commonly Asked Questions about Abortion


It can be a little tough when speaking about such sensitive issues concerning abortion. We can be vocal about our opinions and are entitled to them but we cannot be entitled to facts related to abortion, neither we can change them. There are several queries that a customer faces while planning and choosing to buy MTP kit online for medical abortion or while choosing a surgical abortion.

When to Take Up a Pregnancy Test?


Experiencing a pregnancy or no pregnancy, it’s important to have a concrete understanding of the further procedures and pregnancy-related options as it is an important aspect of your life. So, before you decide to buy MTP Kit online, and get an abortion done, look for other options for abortion or choose not to terminate it, you must be fully aware of the following information provided [...]

Looking for abortion? Use MTP kit without any fear!


An unexpected pregnancy can be a nightmare. If one is looking for safer ways to terminate the pregnancy then medical abortion is the best option. MTP kit online is one of the popular abortion pills online have grown familiar because of easy usage, positive result, and fewer side effects. While many fear about using MTP kit, this [...]

Which is better? A Surgical abortion or Abortion pill pack?


Facing unplanned pregnancy and deciding to abort it is challenging. Different types of abortion processes can add confusion to decision making. However, understanding the options available for abortion, and choosing the best one is up to the patient. There are two types of abortion processes - surgical abortion and medical abortion. Medical abortion involves the usage of the abortion pill pack. [...]

Cytotec: Uses, Side effects and Precautions


Cytotec, known by the name Misoprostol is mainly used to protect the stomach from damages caused by NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). Patients suffering from stomach ulcers are treated with Cytotec. This helps in protecting the stomach lining, lowers the formation of the acid, reduces the risk of complications like bleeding, caused by ulcers.  Brand: Cytotec Generic: [...]

Precautions of MTP KIT online


PRECAUTIONS While on a course of MTP KIT the following things must be kept in mind:- If you had a history of ectopic pregnancy then iot must be shared with the doctor before starting the dose. If you are breastfeeding then inform your doctor about it. If you are using any intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCDs), then it should be removed before starting the procedure. If you have [...]

Know more about Cytotec pills used to terminate pregnancy


CYTOTEC is sold under the Generic Name Misoprostol. It is nothing but a synthetic prostaglandin E1 (PGE1). It was developed in the year 1973. Cytotec oral pill contains about 100 mcg or 200 mcg of Misoprostol. Misoprostol is a water-soluble and viscous liquid. The inactive ingredients of Misoprostol or Cytotec are as follows hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, hydrogenated castor oil, sodium starch [...]

Plan Secure Abortion with Mifeprex Pill


Mifeprex (Mifepristone) also known as Generic RU486 is a regime used with another secondary medicine called Misoprostol to abolish an early gestation. Gestation period refers to the duration where a fetus is developing inside the belly between conception and birth. The gestation period is of 70 days or less than 70 days i.e.10 weeks or less since your last menstrual cycle begin. It is not [...]