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Get the highest efficacy of abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol

Are you looking for a safe and a secure method to have an abortion? has given you all the information in the quintessential form so that you can self-direct the use of abortion pills to terminate unwanted pregnancy.

Are you eligible to take abortion pills?

  • This is the foremost question that you need to know before you probe any further. You have to meticulously go through your past medical history. You should not have suffered from any serious illness of uterine disorder; you did not have a cesarean in the past 6 months or you do not suffer from heart, kidney or liver problems.
  • Next, you should confirm with an ultrasound that your pregnancy is not ectopic. To take pregnancy termination pills your pregnancy has to be uterine.
  • Calculate your pregnancy days or weeks with the help of pregnancy calculator mentioned in our next section. You gestation period should be below 10 weeks.

What are the available abortion pills?

  • If you are searching for the safest and the best abortion pills then you should first be aware of the genuine abortion pills that are available. The most trusted abortion pills are mifepristone and the misoprostol that have been approved by the food and drugs administration of USA to be the safest and the secured method of abortion.
  • Both the abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol are taken to terminate a pregnancy when the pregnancy age is higher than 8 weeks but below 10 weeks. 

What are mifepristone and misoprostol?

Mifepristone is the anti-progestin that blocks the necessary hormone progesterone that builds a link between the placental tissue and the fetus. Devoid of this particular hormone detaches the embryo from the placental tissue.

Misoprostol is the man-made synthetic prostaglandin tablets that create a contraction in your uterus. Once misoprostol is taken within an hour the contractions start and the entire gets diluted.

What should be your pre-abortion plans?

  • You need to take this section very seriously as this will help you to get a smooth abortion. Remove any IUD device if you are using. Do not take the mifepristone pill or misoprostol pill if you are allergic to any of the pills.
  • Have an ultrasound prior to starting with the abortion to confirm that your pregnancy is uterine. Do not take the risk of using these abortion pills at home if you are above 35 years and below 18 years of age.
  • Do not take the pills amidst work pressure. Take it only when you have ample time for rest as you have to avoid strenuous activities after taking the pills.
  • Keep along with you anti-inflammation, anti-emetic and blood coagulation pill which may be required to control the aggravated side-effects.
  • The anti-emetic pill will control nausea and vomiting. It is recommended to take this pill before taking misoprostol so that you do not flush out the entire pills before it gets mixed with your blood.
  • Anti-inflammation pill controls fever and excessive stomach pains
  • Blood coagulant will control excessive vaginal bleeding.

Mifepristone & Misoprostol

How to start with the abortion procedure?

  • You will require 1 pill of mifepristone and 4 pills of misoprostol if you are 5 weeks pregnant beyond 5 weeks you will require 2 pills of  mifepristone and 8 pills of misoprostol. 
  • These pills are present in the exact set in the MTP Kit pack i.e. one pill of mifepristone of 200 mg and 4 pills of misoprostol of 200 mcg. So if you are more than 5 weeks pregnant you will require 2 sets of MTP Kit.
  • Start with the first dose of mifepristone by swallowing it with water and let it absorb in your body completely only after 24 hours you will start with the dose of misoprostol which you can take four at a time by placing it under your tongue and holding it for 30 minutes till thebentire pill gets dissolved with your saliva. After half an hour you can drink a glass of water so that the remaining contents get into your blood.
  • Remember not to puke any of the pills before 30 minutes of taking this pill or your abortion will remain unsuccessful. At this stage, it is not safe to continue with your pregnancy as this will lead to an invalid baby in future or death baby. 
  • To be on the safe side take an anti-emetic pill before you start with misoprostol doses. You can also check for our abortion pill pack which contains all the required pills to control the side-effects.

What are the side-effects that you will face?

  • You can find spots after you take the mifepristone pill, in some cases, women start bleeding after taking mifepristone but you should complete the entire dose of misoprostol. 
  • If you do not have to bleed after having mifepristone then wait for the misoprostol doses and do not panic. The inherent quality of misoprostol is to create contractions in the uterus that will lead to vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. You don’t have to worry about the efficacy as it is effective up to 98%.
  • This side-effect is intended as you can confirm your abortion as soon as these side-effects start occurring. Other rare side-effects are fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache or chills. 
  • Remember every woman face the different intensity of side-effects; some may face moderate side-effects while some may suffer from rare side-effects. 

How long will the side-effects remain?

  • All these side-effects are transient and will keep decreasing with passing days. It will take almost 2 weeks for the bleeding to disappear but your side-effects will decrease after 5 days.
  • For pain and fever, you can take an anti-inflammatory pill like ibuprofen that heals these issues instantly.

What should you avoid after abortion?

  • Do not do any hardcore exercises or any hard physical activity. Do not use tampons or menstrual cups during vaginal bleeding instead always use maxi-pads and change it often to avoid any infection.
  • Make sure not to involve in any erotic activity.

When to understand the extremities?

  • You should understand when you need to seek the doctor’s help. If you start bleeding for prolonged period i.e. you soak two large size packs in an hour then you should meet your doctor immediately.
  • If you are having a fever above 101 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 hours after taking the inflammation Tablet then visit your nearest health clinic as soon as possible.

How to know that the abortion is successful?

  • These pills are proved to be successful for years but still if you want to get it confirmed then go for an ultrasound after 14 weeks and if you want to get a urine test make sure you wait till 4 weeks. 
  • If you take an ultrasound before 14 weeks you can see fetus remains in your uterus whilst it takes 4 weeks to clear the pregnancy parts. If you take a urine test before 4 weeks you can get positive results also.