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What is is the online medical store that allows you to get birth control pills as well as abortion pills at a much cheaper price compared to any other online store and we are pro-choice supporters who support your choice of having a planned family so that the mother, as well as the child, enjoys freedom rather than drudgery.

Why should you trust

  • We endorse abortion pills as well as birth control pills which are approved by the FDA and we give you exactly the correct protocols so that you can get the safest abortion. You need to understand that we support abortion only when a woman decides to willing get an abortion.
  • We do not support any act of forcing any woman to get an abortion and we also do not support forcing a woman against her will to get an abortion done.
  • All our method and guidelines given to use an abortion pill is completely safe and secured as the protocols mentioned are exactly the same as directed by medical professionals. But we give the general rules and regulations that all women can follow and you need to get it that the efficacy of any of these pills and their effects vary from woman to woman but we assure you that if you do not have any health disorders then you will definitely heal as per our guidelines.

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  • If you keep a track on our website then you will get time to time information about your health so that you are always updated about how to maintain yourself. You should follow us regularly to know about the offers that our website keeps on updating from time to time. We also do not call or harass our clients or do not force any emails or newsletter on regular basis.
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  • We provide you with discounts from time to time and we also provide you with the proper shipping facilities so that your product delivery doesn’t get delayed and you get the products on your date at the proper time.
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  • cares for your money and for your health simultaneously. You can place your order online through credit cards as well as debit cards and avail discounts on your payment method.
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