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Essential Abortion Details To Understand Before Experiencing It


A procedure conducted to remove the fetal tissues out of the woman’s uterus through natural procedure via medication consumption is essentially a medical abortion procedure. It is now a widely opted method of termination and authorized by the Food and Drug Administration which makes it easier for women to buy abortion pill online and perform it under the doctor’s supervision at the doctor’s office/clinic or at home under your GP’s guidance. Women eligible for a medical abortion must understand the guide to conduct it, the possible bodily effects that occur during and after the abortion procedure, and several necessary details before they choose a home/medical abortion. We have listed down all the important factors hence read the provided information carefully –

When can a woman perform a medical abortion?

Women with a pregnancy duration below 12 weeks are fully eligible to choose medical abortion as their termination method. An ultrasound method is performed to know the exact weeks of pregnancy and since it's accurate it is advisable to opt for the same if you as suspected of any pregnancy symptoms. A home method of counting the number of days of pregnancy is also by counting from the first day of your last menstruation cycle till the date. If the pregnancy reaches beyond the 12 weeks duration, then you can also choose other open options that will be advised by your doctor to you.

Why is a medical abortion performed?

It's very subjective as it differs from person to person because the decision to choose it, is highly private depending upon the circumstances. Some opt for pill abortion because of developing a risk of a congenital or inherited disorder, ending the pregnancy that’s unplanned, complete an incomplete abortion or an incomplete miscarriage. Women with life-threatening issues related to their pregnancy also choose abortion without a blink of an eye. Others might have unknown reasons that do not mandatorily needs to be disclosed as it’s a personal and individual right to opt for it.

Who is advised not to choose medical abortion?

It is not an advisable method to choose for medical abortion in the following cases. Do not buy abortion pill online USA and use them in the below-specified cases -

·       If the length of gestation is more than 12 weeks

·       If the woman is experiencing an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that exists outside the uterus)

·       Have anemia or blood clotting or blood disorder

·       Make use of corticosteroids

·       Is a patient of chronic adrenal failure

·       Have an IUD (intrauterine device) inserted

·       Allergic to abortion pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol)

·       Have no emergency access

Abortion seekers are advised to discuss their complete medical history with their healthcare advisor before starting the procedure.

What are the different methods of abortion and how do they work?

The two different ways of abortion are specified below –

Medical Abortion

·       It is conducted by using two different abortion medicines which are Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

·       Mifepristone primarily functions by blocking progesterone that provides essential nutrients required by the fetus to nourish and develop in the uterus. It also detaches the fetus from the uterine lining which makes the lining thinner. The available Mifepristone dose is 200mg as a single pill.

·       Misoprostol helps generate contractions and severe abdominal pain which causes the embryo to expel in the form of vaginal bleeding. The available and recommended dose is 4 (200mcg each) pills.

Surgical Abortion

·       A surgical abortion is performed in the latter stages of pregnancy and usually when the pregnancy is more than 12 weeks.

·       A healthcare provider is assigned for this task who performs surgery by injecting local anesthesia or mild sedation to remove embryo tissues from the uterus.  

·       Other names for surgical abortion include Dilation and Curettage (D&C), Aspiration abortion, In-clinic abortion, etc.

What to expect post-consumption of both doses?

Serious and visible effects start to show up after Misoprostol consumption. Women consuming abortion pills are likely to experience –

·       Intense cramps and severe bleeding after 2-4 hours of consuming the second pill.

·       Heavy clots of blood (lemon sized if the pregnancy duration is more) for the next few hours.

·       Chills and low fever that does not last for more than a day. There are chances that you could also experience nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, tiredness, etc.

·       A follow-up check-up routine needs to be scheduled to ensure there are no possible complications. Also, the doctor might as well prescribe some antibiotics in fewer cases although the risk of infection through abortion is an uncommon scenario.

Is medical abortion pain similar to labor pain?

The pain sensation varies from person to person. It does feel like a heavy menstruation cycle. The doctor might advise you to consume some over-the-counter pain-relieving pills to manage pain and discomfort. Consume pain-relieving medications only if it's needed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing medical abortion?

The benefits of opting for a medical abortion include –

·       It does not involve the usage of curettes or any other surgical tools

·       Medical abortion can be conducted right after you are pregnant

·       It’s like a natural process that feels more like a heavy period or miscarriage

·       It can also be conducted at home in your complete privacy

The possible disadvantages include –

·       Could not be performed if pregnancy exceeds 12 weeks

·       Painful cramps and heavy bleeding that lasts for a few days

·       It’s a longer process as compared to a surgical abortion

What signs indicate infections post-medical abortion?

Watch for the following signs and symptoms and immediately report to the doctor if you experience any of the following –

Foul-smelling discharge vaginally.

The temperature does not lower even after 24 to 48 hours.

Bleeding so heavy that it soaks 2-3 sanitary napkins in an hour or less.

What more information needs to be understood before opting for this method?

·       Medical abortion is 99% effective when performed exactly as instructed by the doctor.

·       Visit the doctor post 3 to 4 weeks of abortion to get your pelvic examination, and ultrasound to understand about abortion completion, look for any signs that indicate infection, and understand about birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy in the future.

·       One must wait for a good 3 to 4 weeks after medical abortion to be involved in intercourse. Do not insert anything into the vaginal opening until 4 weeks such as an IUD, tampons, etc. Also, avoid exercising and performing yoga for this duration.


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