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Plan Secure Abortion with Mifeprex Pill


Mifeprex (Mifepristone) also known as Generic RU486 is a regime used with another secondary medicine called Misoprostol to abolish an early gestation. Gestation period refers to the duration where a fetus is developing inside the belly between conception and birth. The gestation period is of 70 days or less than 70 days i.e.10 weeks or less since your last menstrual cycle begin. It is not recommended for the gestation period that has crossed 70 days or more. When you take Mifeprex pill on the first day you also need to take another pill called Misoprostol in 24-48 hours.

How does the abortion pill function?

The pill works by blocking the hormone called a steroid hormone, also known as progesterone which is important for your pregnancy to advance. The pregnancy is expected to be passed from the uterus within 2-24 hours after the intake of Mifeprex and Misoprostol. After the pregnancy is passed, you will experience severe cramping and bleeding which will be heavier than your normal period. 

 What are the Dosage forms and strengths available?

  • 200 mg of Mifeprex
  • 800 mcg (200 mcg each) of misoprostol

This abortion pill is taken in combination with misoprostol for medical termination of unwanted pregnancy within 70 days of gestation period.

On day 1, 200-mg of mifepristone is taken orally as a single dose under physician’s administration. Then after a gap of 24-48 hours (2-3 days), take 800 mcg of misoprostol buccally (by keeping into the cheek pouches or below the tongue) or vaginally (by inserting into the female reproductive organ). After taking the second pill you may experience vaginal bleeding within 2-24 hours.

After 7-14 days go for a follow-up of the abortion and confirm that the termination is successful by undergoing a pregnancy test, hCG test, or ultrasonographic test.


Some important precautions:

  • If complete exclusion has not happened, you can repeat the dosage of Misoprostol 800-mcg in a similar manner with a next follow up within 7 days.
  • Inadequacy of vaginal bleeding during the treatment generally indicates failure, however, excessive or prolonged bleeding is also not authentication of a complete abortion.
  • Surgical discharge is recommended to take place of ongoing pregnancy post medical abortion.


What are the side effects?

Consult your doctor if you experience high fever which is more than (38 degrees C)100.4-degree F and if it stays for more than 4 hours. Also, if you notice-

  • An ordinary ill feeling or fast heartbeat
  • Tenderness or severe pelvic pain
  • Serious or continuing diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, weakness, etc.
  • No vaginal bleeding despite taking the two abortion pills.


Common side effects include:

  • excess vaginal bleeding for more than 2 days
  • fever, chills
  • weakness
  • dizziness
  • low bleeding or spotting for more than 16 days.
  • Vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, etc.


Why choose Mifeprex?

  • It is a safe and private option for ending a pregnancy. It is available in the pill structure.
  • It is 93-98% potent.
  • It prevents you from surgery and anaesthesia. However, in some cases, 2-7% of women will need to undergo surgery to end the pregnancy or end heavy bleeding.
  • This pill is effective in 92 out of 100 cases

Who should not intake Mifeprex?

Few women should not use the pill for the following mentioned reasons:

  • If you have crossed the gestation period i.e. more than 70 days (10 weeks)
  •  If you are using an intrauterine device or system (IUD). Make sure you take it out before taking an abortion pill
  • If you have been informed by your doctor that you have an ectopic gestation which means on the external part of the uterus.
  • If you have trouble with your adrenal glands
  • If you take medicine for blood thinning
  • If you take steroid medicines
  • If you have porphyria
  • Of if you are allergic to any active or inactive ingredients of Mifepristone, Misoprostol or among others.